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Designers: M

Images above:

1-2) M Marin mobile 1965; (with signature detail)

3) Sven Markelius 6 stacking chairs, 1929 for Helsinborg Concert Hall

4-6) Willi van de Meeren F1 Chair, 1954 for Tubax (pair)
© www.arcaid.co.uk 

7-8) A J Milne for Heals for Festival of Britain, 1950 (3 in blue white and pink)
© www.arcaid.co.uk 

9) Morris of Glasgow, set of 6 Toby chairs




Mathieu Mategot

All images above Mathieu Mategot

1-2) Shelving unit 1950s

3-4) Chair 'Nagasaki' 1954

5) Plant stand, French 1950
6) Triangular tripod tables, 1950s

7) ‘Domino’ tables 1950s

8) Green side table France, 1950s

9-10 ) Escargot shelf unit 1950s

11) side table France 1950s

12) Plant stand, French 1950s



Bruno Mathsson




All images above Bruno Mathsson


1-2) Eva chair, 1940s © www.arcaid.co.uk 

3) High back Pernilla chair for Karl Mathsson, Sweden



George Nelson

All images above George Nelson

1-2) Coffee table with two drawers containing detachable trays for Herman Miller, 1950s © www.arcaid.co.uk 

3-4) Steel framed series desk, 1950s © www.arcaid.co.uk

5) Chest, for Herman Miller, 1950s 

6) Coffeee table for Herman Miller 1950s 



Designers: P


Images above

1-2) Pierre Paulin chair, France, for Thonet 1949 © www.arcaid.co.uk 

3) Vladermer Pedersen ceramics for Bing and Grondhal 

4-5) J R Picard Fibreglass Chair, late 1940s (4 chairs) 
© www.arcaid.co.uk 

6-8) Hans Piek c.1950 for Morris of Glasgow © www.arcaid.co.uk 

Designers: S

1) Walter Schulz Spring Chair for Schapermobel 1929

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