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1) Marianne Brandt green laquered serviette holder for Ruppelwerk c.1930 poa

2) Marianne Brandt red laquered serviette holder for Ruppelwerk c.1930 poa

3) Marianne Brandt round laquered tray No. 3083 for Ruppelwerke Germany c.1930 on HOLD

4) Marianne Brandt green laquered serviette holder, red laquered serviette holder and candle holder for Ruppelwerke c.1930

5) Marianne Brandt letter holder for Ruppel c.1930

6) Marianne Brandt desk set for Rupplewerk c.1930 ON HOLD





Images above


1) Derek Carruthers (born 1935) British artist, watercolour and collage 1955 poa



Images above

1) Ernest Gordon for Kosta, glass bowl 1950s poa

2-3) Holmegaard glass flask 1960s (3 has detail of maker's mark) poa

4) Wilhelm Wagenfeld pink glass bowl 1930s poa




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1) Roger Capron enameled ceramic vase c.1960 poa

2-3) El Lissitzki 1 large (30cm) and 6 small (19cm) ceramic plates, German production 1923

4) unknown designer, Russian avant garde, ceramic coffee pot, 1930s poa

5) unknown designer, German pewter candlestick 1950s poa




Images above

1-4) Walter Diethelm, Swiss, 8 magnetic squares can be arranged at whim, 5 fixed strips. c.1960 poa


Images above

1&2) Barbara Jones black ink, collage of studies for the Ocean Bar mural on ‘Oriana’ 1960 poa

3&4) Karel Maes Belgian, 1954 (inc. detail of signature) poa

5) Donald Wells (b.1929) British, white relief in wood, signed 1965   poa

6) Barrie Eccleston (b.1929) 'Bleriot No.2' Vacuum Formed Relief & Photomontage, c.1965




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