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Images above

1)  Poul Henningsen Artichoke Lamp for Louis Poulsen c.1960 ON HOLD

2) Karl Trabert (attrib) standing lamp for Schanzenbach & Co 1928 ON HOLD

3) Max Bill 'Tulip' Lamp for BAG Turgi 1960s on HOLD

4) Isamu Noguchi Table Lamp No 9 for Knoll 1948 on HOLD

5-6) Vaclav Kocura Czech, pre-war black out lamp 1938 (detail photo showing hood controls light from pinpoint to broad illumination) poa

6-7) Josef Hurka Czech modernist articulating lamps, for Napako, 1950s poa

8-9) Prof Fridtjof Schliephacke standing lamp, for Wilhem Noack, Germany 1959 (185cm tall in image 13) ON HOLD

10-11) Unknown designer 'Schwenkomat'  lamp for Swiss Lamp International Zurich 1939 on HOLD

12) Unknown designer, pair of table lights, Italian, 1970s poa




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