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Images above

1) Greta Grossman coffee table for Glenn of California c.1952 ON HOLD

2) Poul Henningsen Artichoke lamp for Louis Poulsen c.1960 ON HOLD

3) Karl Trabert (attrib) for Schanzenbach & Co 1928 ON HOLD

4) Marianne Brandt desk set for Rupplewerk c.1930 ON HOLD

5) Max Bill 'Tulip' Lamp for BAG Turgi 1960s

6) Isamu Noguchi Table Lamp No 9 for Knoll 1948

7) Coen De Vries side table for Pilastro, Netherlands 1950s poa

8) Marcel Breuer dining table for Isokon c.1936

9) Vaclav Kocura Czech, pre-war black out lamp 1938 (detail photo showing hood controls light from pinpoint to broad illumination)

10) Egon Eiermann SE42 6 chairs for Wilde and Spieth 1950s ON HOLD






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